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Flexible Stromzuführungen für Schweißzangen
und Widerstandsschweißmaschinen
in luft- und wassergekühlter Ausführung

Wir fertigen flexible Stromzuführungen für Schweißzangen und Widerstandsschweißmaschinen sowohl in Serie als auch in Einzelanfertigung z. B. als Ersatzteil nach Kundenwunsch, Muster oder Zeichnung.

Manufactoring processes


Insight into braiding production

Insight into welding production

Applications for flexible connectors

Selecting and safety instructions by using our flexible and highly flexible braids, leading, cables and ready assembled components

Table of the current-load for non insulated copper braids or round stranded copper cables

Conversion table for usual US-American and British units of measurement

Formula for the identification of the conductor cross-section of flexible braids, leading and cables

Comparison table of the new material indications acc to DIN EN 13599 and following no to the older indications to DIN 1751/1791 resp DIN 40500

Table for the weight of copper busbars

Table for the current load of copper busbars acc to DIN 43671

Material indications for copper busbars

Table for the current load of aluminium busbars acc to DIN 43670

Material indications for aluminium busbars



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